Installation guide

This is the installation guide for the CRS web service. CRS web service requires a web server with Servlet API 2.4 specifications. CRS web service has been tested with Tomcat 5.5.x but should work with any servlet container that supports servlets 2.4.

Install Apache Tomcat

  1. Make sure you have set your JAVA_HOME variable.
  2. Download tomcat from here
  3. Extract tomcat you a directory of your choice (i.e. c:\tomcat or /opt/tomcat)
  4. Set the CATALINA_HOME variable to match the installation folder for tomcat []

Install CRS web server

Drop the crs.war file into your webapps folder in your tomcat distribution.


The CRS web service has been build with some setting in the web.xml file (located within the war file in the WEB-INF directory). The two settings are:

  • service-port
  • service-contextpath

    These settings will work with a default tomcat setup as a default setup of tomcat will run on port 8080. If this is not the case in your tomcat setup, change this value to match your setup. The same goes for the contextpath: this setting reflects the name of the war file wich is currently: crs. If you change this, also change this setting in the web.xml file.